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Florida Bartending Course
1915 East Colonial Drive
Orlando FL 32803

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 Florida Bartending Course in Orlando only $149!
  • Our Next 2 Day Weekend Class Starts Saturday August 22nd!
    Noon To 6pm Saturday & Sunday!
  • Only $149.00 For Single Enrollment - $125.00 For Two Enrollments!

Orlando Bartending Course

National Bartending Course LLC offers bartending courses in five cities. Our Orlando Bartending Course is a 2 Day bartending class that is held monthly. Our course is held at 1915 East Colonial Drive Orlando FL 32803, in Orlando,.

After graduation, the graduates of the National Bartending Course Orlando location receive job placement assistance in the  greater Orlando, Florida area, as well as in over 75 cities nationwide through the Professional Bartending Schools of America nationwide placement program

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We'll show you how to stock the bar by bringing liquor bottles, mixed drink ingredients, and other bar supplies from the storeroom to the bar. You keep track of wines, beers, liquors, and other supplies. Some bartenders do the actual ordering of bar supplies. Others report what is needed to the owner or to a purchasing agent. In very large restaurants and bars the ordering of supplies is done by a wine steward or a beverage manager.

The bartender's main job is to know the standard drink recipes and be able to mix them quickly and accurately. Occasionally, customers have their own preferences or recipes for a bartender to follow. Bartenders here also check the identification of customers seated at bars to ensure that they meet the minimum drinking age.

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